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How To Use

How To Use

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Autodocked comes fully assembled and ready to install. Along with your Autodocked system you will find an attached RV sewer hose, a connecting port conduit sleeve, two automatic valves, a remote control, and an  attached nozzle.

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(Atodocked installed on a Class C- The grey water tank is shown behind Autodocked in this picture and the luggage compartments are shown in the foreground.)


We have made our Autodocked system installation very simple with only three steps needed to complete the process. The first step is to install your preassembled Autodocked system on the frame of your RV with the two bolts provided. The second step is to attach the provided sewer hose and automatic valves to your new adjusted sewer outlet, and the third and final step is to attach the electric cable provided to your battery. That's it, you're all done!

Our patented Autodocked system is currently anticipated to be an aftermarket or OEM installed product. We are weighing the possibility of offering our system directly to the public. If we make the decision to offer our system directly to the public, a how to video will be added to this section.